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Bad Boys Finish First Sunglasses

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We are proud to announce our relationship with American Optical [AO] sunglasses, the prestigious vintage American sunglasses worn by all true Bad Boys and Girls the world over.


The Original Pilot Sunglass was honored to be the first ever sunglass to land on the moon worn by Commander Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11 in 1969.

Bad Boys Finish First sunglasses are sure to bring out the sexy in Bad Girls the world over

Classic AO sunglasses could be found on the cool bikers in the 1969 movie, Easy Rider. The hotshot aviators in "Top Gun" wore aviator shaped frames as well. Today we see them show up on Johnny Depp, Jon Hamm[from the hit show “Mad Men”], and on Megan Fox, to name but a few.

In the fashion industry, trends and eyewear designs come and go. Occasionally a style or two will return for a period. BBFF and AO Eyewear prides itself on its products, classic lines and styling. These products, developed with function first, remain in vogue year in and year out.

At Bad Boys Finish First, we are as committed as the founders of the AO company are to continue to uphold the value of supplying the highest quality, innovative and design-driven eyewear products that withstand the test of time.

The rugged and sturdy structure and high quality finishing of the steel alloy frame coupled with distortion free, toughened and polished True Color® glass lens have made the AO Flight Gear® Collection the standard bearer of all fine BBFF and BGFF.


Gold Frame Aviators $95.00



Silver Frame Aviators $95.00



Gold Frame Pilots $85.00



Silver Frame Pilots $85.00



Free shipping for USA customers only.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp sporting American Optical sunglasses

Megan Fox

Megan Fox sporting American Optical sunglasses